Local transfers

Transfers in Croatian territorial waters. Skippers can be booked within 24 hours before transfer and are swift and reliable no matter it is a sail boat, motor yacht, catamaran or any other kind of boat that needs to be transferred. Price: price is individually agreed with every client separately.

International transfers

Before the takeover our crew’s first job is to plan the route. Taking up detailed control of the boat and all its systems follows. All preparations are made in order to cast off safely. We are ready to go at very short notice . If during this control some parts of the boat are damaged or can easily be damaged they are tightened and secured. During transfer we sail on most economic way so that minimal level of risk is present. Crew safety is most important. Minimal number of crew members: Three members, regarding the safety reasons. All crew members are experienced and have an adequate license (Yacht Master and other). For transoceanic transfers minimal 4 crew members are needed. Owners are always welcome on board. We can also provide only crew members of different knowledge and skills if owner wishes to transfer the boat by himself. Regularly reports to owner about boats position. Price: price is individually agreed with every client separately.